How To Be A Successful Wife (update: December 3, 2009)

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A drunkard husband spending the evening with his jovial companions at a tavern boasted that if he should take a group of his friends home with him at midnight and ask his Christian wife to get up and cook supper for them, she would do it without complaint. The crowd considered it a vain boast and dared him to try it by a considerable wager. So the drunken crowd went home with him and he made the unreasonable demands of his wife. She obeyed, dressed, came down, and prepared a very nice supper just as quickly as possible and served it as cheerfully as if she had been expecting them.

(the above is an excerpt from Pastor Walt D Hyuck Jr.’s wonderful sermon How To Be A Successful Wife, which can be read or heard, in its entirety, at his website (click here): This Christian Journey)

I look around and compare versions of biblical passages ( i.e. Titus 2:4 for example) as a harmless pastime. I try to find passages pertaining to marriage and wives. I can’t say I’m a devout Christian, though my father was raised Catholic, and my mother thought at a convent from the day I was born until I was 10. We eventually changed over to Protestant. I guess that’s where my comparative itch came from.

Though / Stepford Wives Organization is non-religious and certainly non-denominational, I thought all our readers would enjoy this wonderful sermon. If you have the time, click on the audio portion, as a voice always adds a livelier tone to the text. Even if you are an atheist, you will find plenty sensible advice in this gem.

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