Test your Myopia: Memoirs of A Politician (update: Jan 6, 2010)

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I was having a conversation with a friend who was a staunch democrat. I mentioned that I just finished reading a book written by an infamous female politician that aroused heated debate anytime her name was mentioned. I told Jane I was sure she would have much to say about this public figure. I also added that the writing style was along the lines where some may argue was a little below the standards of a literary craftsperson. Oh sure, this gal had a professional career, held office at a large state, and still raised and stood by her family when times got tough. She may have had some scandals while in the political spotlight, but she had as many opponents as she did supporters.

I thought the book was fairly well-written. It was a quick read and gave me an idea of the vision that the author was capable of. Like most books written by politicians, it had it’s share of spin and PR image crafting. I said I thought the author has a future in politics even though many may not agree with her policies on how this country should be run. I mentioned that she will make another comeback and I was always willing to listen to what she has to say in the next election.

So my friend haughtily looked down her nose at me and announced “that’s just like all you conservative Palin supporters! Myopic and ever-ready to forgive her for all short-comings. When are you people ever going to learn that she is an insult to all women? You should learn to be more open-minded and not see the world from your small-town ways!”

“I’m sorry to hear that’s the way you feel.” I put a hand on her hand. Then I held up the book I was talking about.

Hover your cursor over the book cover below to see a clearer image of the book I was referring to.

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