The Ideal Husband and the Good Wife (update: January 21, 2010)

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I am reading F. Carolyn Graglia’s book Domestic Tranquility. She seems to have it in for the feminists, who – in her perspective – worked hard to diminish the role of the wife and homemaker. It was written in 1998. I hope that feminists have soften a little and realize the role of a homemaker is one of many choices available to women. After all, the prize that feminists – since the days of Senecca Falls – fought for is choice. This means the freedom to chose their role in their lives, whether it be lawyer, doctor, politician, feminazi, rock and roller, pole dancer, police officer, or housewife, mother, or homemaker. Not all women want, need, or enjoy being a powerbroker with a corner office. To demand that that one occupation is superior to another (and that we should all vie for that position) is to fall into the very trap of railroading everyone into your singular vision of an ideal world. Isn’t this the very crime feminists have long accused male-run patriarchal society of committing?

We at Stepfordwives Organization believe single women should pursue their dreams and do what pleases them. However, once they enter into marriage, there’s many different roles husbands and wives could fill. None is more right than the other, and none is better or worse. These are our outlines for what we feel is an ideal husband and a good wife, according to the blue ribbon quality we at Stepford Wives Organization cherish. As you can see, everyone’s plate is full, so you better love what you do!

In order of importance, from least important trait (10) to most important (1)

The Ideal Husband

10. Escorts his wife in public.
9. Stays healthy physically and in outlook
8. Inspires hope and trust through honesty and fidelity.
7. Sets a moral example for the wife and children to respect and follow
6. Determines what his wife should do and when
5. Educates his wife and his family
4. Makes decisions regarding his wife
3. Protects his wife and his family
2. Leads his wife and his family
1. Provides for his wife and his family

The Good Wife:

11. Inspires love and understanding by yielding
10. Stays in shape and maintains a physique that pleases her husband
9. Dresses and behaves in a conservative, prim, respectable manner in public to gain respect for her husband. Dresses and behaves whichever way her husband pleases in private.
8. Is loyal to her husband, siding with him and agreeing with his views.
7. Maintains and cleans the home, picking up after the children and her husband if necessary.
6. Provides a warm, inviting haven for her husband to come home to
5. Cooks daily meals and snacks according to her husband’s wishes
4. Obeys her husband’s wishes
3. Ignites husband’s sexual drive and fulfills his appetite on demand.
2. Cherishes her role as her husband’s wife, committed and devoted to her place beside him.
1. Cherishes her husband, committed and devoted to him, making him feel loved, needed, admired, and special in her life.

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5 Responses to “The Ideal Husband and the Good Wife (update: January 21, 2010)”

  1. Jphelton3 Says:

    I really am looking forward to more articles like this. I hae printed it out to use as a guideline in strivng to be the best that I can be.

  2. Jphelton3 Says:

    In re-reading my comment, I see that my keyboard is missing onsome letters. I promise I truly am a very good speller.

  3. crickmann Says:

    were do we find a stepford woman

  4. Feminine Lady Says:

    I love this. I love behavior attitude lists. I like reading them out loud. More please, please, please?

    I would like to address the Gentlemen who have been asking about how to meet a Stepford type wife. Speaking to males about such things may seem presumptuous but my husband has given me permission and advice on what to say.

    We don’t really know if a list exists or where to meet someone. Church perhaps? I don’t know but we feel that a mans attitude towards life may enhance the possibility of attracting a good obedient wife.

    A stepford type wife will respond I feel towards men who are sure of their masculinity. They don’t sit around talking to ‘girlfriends’ about their feelings. I feel I should do this, I feel I should do that. NO! they go and play a game of squash instead. Men like to do things. Not sit around moaning. Women can feel the difference

  5. Feminine Lady Says:

    Sorry I pressed the button. Silly me. I’m not good with computers

    we can feel when a man is sure of his masculinity even in the way he talks.

    For example take a mousy man talking to a woman

    Male -‘Excuse me, could you please perhaps tell me the time, if it is not too much trouble’?

    Female- ‘Oh it is 1.00pm’

    Male ‘thank you, sorry to trouble you’.

    Female to female

    ‘Excuse me could you check the time for me please’

    ‘It’s 1.00pm dear’

    ‘oh my I’ll late to cook his dinner, than you very much.’

    But a masculine man to a woman.

    Male- ‘What time is it?’

    Female – feeling flustered, blushing and weak at the knees

    ‘Oh , it is 1.00pm sir’

    Male ‘good’

    Masculine men who attract stepford type wives seem to be self assured and decisive. They are also leaders and good moral men with integrity.
    I’m sure that a man like that will attract a nice submissive and feminine wife.
    My husband says you should read ‘Man of Steal and Velvet’ for some guidance and also ‘Fascinating Womanhood’ to get an idea of what qualities you want from a wife and to learn about contrasts because in today’s world things can be quite confusing.

    Love to you all

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