Benny Hill + Post Feminists = The Benny Elton Show (update: August 18, 2010)

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A little bit of background. British bawdy tv comic Benny Hill had a show that ran for two decades from ’69-’89 on BBC. So literally, it spanned the conscious-raising women’s movement, through bra-burning, through the 80s, and finally up against the post feminist era. A British comedian from the 80’s called Benny Hill “a dirty old man, tearing the clothes off nubile girls.” That comic’s name is Benny Elton. He later claims it was taken out of context. But another Brit comic, Harry Enfield brought together the two Bennies, and created a post-feminist Benny Hill “chase” in the video above. This homage shows what the classic Benny Hill chase would have become when that reformed dirty old male chauvinist became a politically-correct male feminist. The fellow in the suit is Benny Elton.

Special thanks to Margaret, one of our readers in Leicester, UK for sending us this clip. Enjoy!

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