TSA Airport Security X-Rays and traveling during the Thanksgiving Holidays

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pictured above: President Obama’s TSA X-ray from his recent trip abroad

The new TSA airport security measures are mandating heavier pat-downs and X-rays, which we fear may create radiation side effects later on in life. You never know….until that Class Action lawsuit turns up. But a few things you can do if you need to travel. First and foremost. Travel First Class, carry as little as possible, and though we really really hate to give this piece of advice: dress in tighter clothing. In other words form-fitting but NOT overly tight to the point where you can see private parts of your body. Don’t wear loose or baggy clothing. That should not be an issue as Stepford girls always dress up. We heard somewhere that- allegedly- bras with underwire may cause isses at the security gate. We don’t know how, but we read it somewhere.

Profiling undoubtedly still occurs. We girls at the organization are not against profiling. If it keeps our country, the plane and the passengers safe, we support profiling and being profiled. The moment you venture outside the U.S., you will find that other countries have no second thoughts about enforcing their own prejudices against outsiders for safety purposes. If the profiled groups feel insulted when they get targeted, then they should make an effort to publicly speak up against those belonging to their identity when they make future threats against this country.

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5 Responses to “TSA Airport Security X-Rays and traveling during the Thanksgiving Holidays”

  1. Kim Says:

    I am somewhat perplexed that you advise against tight clothing out in public. My husband has always felt that a lady’s appearance reflects directly on the quality of her husband. I haven’t been allowed to own baggy clothing since I was married, and I’m rarely allowed out of the house in flats.

  2. admin Says:

    I amended it. Thanks. What we mean by tight clothing, is when you start seeing cracks and bumps that are not supposed to be seen in public. Women in the 50s wore respectable tight clothing, but you don’t see their nipples poking out. That’s what we mean. We are totally against baggy clothing! Women always come off looking sloppy in loose baggy clothing. It may feel comfortable, but heavens, it looks horrible!

  3. Kim Says:

    My husband always tells me “A woman’s clothing shouldn’t be comfortable, it should be comforting.” And he is absolutely correct. When I was younger I thought nothing of cleaning the house in sweats, socks, and a ponytail. Now that I am married, going about my chores in tight blouses, nice skirts, and high heels comforts me because I know I am obeying my husband’s wishes. Eventually, comforting and comfortable become synonymous.

  4. mountfiji Says:

    That picture is of the Shroud of Turin, in which Jesus was wrapped in when he he was taken off the cross and laid in the tomb. There have been several studies done on the Shroud, the most recent of which declared its authenticity. I’m confused as to whether or not you knew this, or if you are trying to say that President Obama is Jesus, which would conflict with your apparently very conservative views.

  5. admin Says:

    Shroud of Turin is authentic. An authentic self-portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci, much like the Mona Lisa was.

    The Obama reference is a joke on how Barack sees himself as The savior.

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