The Cheryl Hines / Christine Baranski Mixup

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Alright we admit it! Sometimes we girls here at the organization are a bit daft. For example, two of us were sooo embarrassed just the other night when we were told that our favorite tv character- Cheryl David – played by Cheryl Hines, is not the same person as Christine Baranski.

Cheryl Hines and daughter Catherine

It made sense. Because Cheryl Hines as Cheryl David in Curb Your Enthusiasm is always the soft, acquiescent and agreeable homemaker wife to incorrigible Larry David. Many may regard Bree Van de Kamp in Desperate Housewives as the ultimate Stepford Wife, but to us, she’s really a caricature of a housewife that was imagined in the mind of the show’s homosexual creator Marc Cherry.

Chery Hines may not appreciate us calling her character a Stepford Wife, but we say it with the deepest sense of praise. Just watch the way she demonstrates brilliant restraint during disagreements with her husband. (Look at the Baby Shower scene of “The Surrogate” episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, after Larry gives a stuff animal to the surrogate mother. As horrified as Cheryl was, she just took a deep breath and held her tongue, refraining from making a scene, contradicting, and embarrassing her impossible husband in front of everyone.

To us, all the niceties and outward trappings of the Stepford Wife – as displayed by Bree Van de Kamp – is nice, but you have to be able to back it up with substance. Cheryl David, is that cheery and agreeable homemaking wife (yes she does leave Larry in one season) who speaks volumes by keeping quiet when she could have easily exploded at her husband. Modern women think nothing of telling their men off on whim. It’s a fascinating breath of fresh air to all of us to see someone who “gives way” to her husband with respect and compassion, and does it with grace.

Christine Baranski

Don’t even ask us how we could have gotten Christine Baranski mixed up with Cheryl Hines. Christine Baranski portrays roles about powerful modern New York women who calls the shots. And that really frightens us.

We’re so happy and relieved to find out they are not the same person.

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