Intelligence and the Stepford Wives

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Intelligence is overrated these days. The media hails intelligent women as the liberated modern woman, but what they really are, are castrated men.

So it is with strong-willed opinionated women. Nothing says “not feminine” like a hard-nosed gal bulldozing down a man’s ideas, barking dismissive remarks, finished off with a cynical, derisive sneer. Basically, a complete reiteration of the exact male chauvinism feminists themselves decried in the 70s.

At the Stepford Wives Organization, we prefer a gentler, more feminine approach. We give way to our men, accepting their role as the leader of our marriage and family. Therefore, they should be the ones making the decisions. Besides male intelligence is high and above ours. It’s a Stepford fact.

Stepford women here at the organization are defined by our sunny disposition to follow our men’s orders. Even though Liz has a master’s in business administration and Matthew’s in the constructing business, he often calls her “clueless.” We’ve heard Edwin call Miss Thomas an “airhead” in front of everyone and she just laughs it off. Charles never misses an opportunity to inform me “not to worry my pretty little head” over important stuff.

The definition of woman is her ability to follow male instruction. Once she gives that up, she gives up her the mystery of her beautiful, compliant feminine nature.

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5 Responses to “Intelligence and the Stepford Wives”

  1. Ivy Says:

    I don’t call me dumb woman I only use my intelligence in the daily house work. Makes my day more easier to do the things I have to do and remember what my man told me to do. Or just easy said a smart woman is a good wife.

  2. Feminine Lady Says:

    Following male instruction is contentment for me. I feel whole and secure inside. It helps me know what I am to do. I do think I am fairly dumb and stupid but as long as I have direction I am okay. When spoken to in a way that refers to my simple mind and that is often I feel protected and loved because I know I make him feel like a man and it puts a smile on his face. I am not expected to make decisions but to obey and that is wonderful!

  3. MrsFifi Says:

    This is the type of entry that makes the blog seem satire. I don’t know what to make of it half the time. I am an intelligent woman. That fact, however, does not mean that I am “smart” in many things. In fact, thinking I’m smart has prevented me from being a good listener, being adaptable and agreeable and growing in humility.

    It takes humility to submit to one’s husband, something today’s woman knows very little about. It’s not about the man being smarter than the woman. It’s about submitting to authority, period. Are all bosses’ smarter than their employees, commanders than the enlisted or presidents than the citizens who elected them? NO! But that’s not the point.

    Someone needs to lead and someone needs to follow. The beauty of the Christian life is that we know to put our trust in the Lord, that through Him we can handle anything that arises. That means if our H’s make bad decisions, we can and will rise the occasion and support him regardless. Because we can do all things in Christ who strengthens us.

    It seems to me that the little comments here and their on this blog about wives being stupid and unimportant compared to their husbands are like little darts hidden in a fluffy pink iced cake. There is nothing in Christianity that supports referring to a woman as a stupid, unimportant being compared to her husband. NOTHING. It was Christianity which elevated woman to a level of prominence to be respected and cared for as precious and irreplaceable, unique in God’s creation.

    This also includes the comments related to the marital act which reduce the woman to an object to be used in a degrading manner. Certain acts espoused here are also blatantly against God’s laws as they contradict the purpose and beauty of the intimacy between husband and wife.

    If I recall, there was mention in a blog post or two something to the effect that the posters here borrow tenets from various religious beliefs, but primary take from a basic framework of Christianity. I do not think it is correct to promote some aspects of Christianity while referencing other things that contradict it. You may well give the ignorant the wrong ideas about what it means to be a wife in the Christian religion.

  4. admin Says:

    Good points and thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts. We have never claimed to be a website or blog about promoting Christian values. And those quotes about stupidity came from people in history ( ), not from us.

    This is a website about being Stepford Wives, not one about Christian religion. We mentioned Christianity because readers asked what our backgrounds were.

  5. Candy Says:

    Very nice, how loving that your husband’s acknowledge your airhead and clueless ways and your need for their rules and superior mental abilities. My husband is far smarter than I am although I am a college graduate and he is not he is a man and it is my honor and privilege to obey his orders for me.

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