Stepford Welcomes Bossy Husbands

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If there is one thing the girls at the Stepford Organization is good at, it is our ability to depend on our husbands. Not only do we depend on them for financial needs and encouragement in every small undertaking we attempt, we look to them for instruction, guidance, and the correct answers to decisions we have to make.

Now there is a fine line between needlessly harassing your man about what you should do versus picking the right time to ask. Let’s face it, we all know that no guy wants to be greeted at the door – at the end of his day – with more decisions to make. But what many of us fail to realize is that most men have to answer to some superior or another throughout their workday.

The ambiance of the Stepford Home is all about a man’s castle where he can call the shots. Once he is inside his home, he is the CEO, President, Manager, and assistant-to-the-assistant manager who has the first say on what goes. The glamor of being a Stepford Wife is the privilege of having a man to go to and ask what she must do. The luxury of being wedded to a Stepford Wife is knowing that whatever you tell her to do, will get done, without question, and with a gracious, angelic smile.

Muffy, Connie, Blair, and I (Irene), would be positively lost in our lives if we did not have our husbands to boss us around. At first Liz was quite put off by the way we cherish male supervision, but we convinced her to try it by easing into the Stepford way. We told her that even if she thinks she knows what’s best, go to Matthew, her husband, and ask him what she should do. Matthew himself was at a loss of words when Liz finally took her baby steps. Liz, coming from a professional MBA background, and Matthew, working at a construction site all day were not used to their new positions. Hesitant at first, Matthew slowly and sheepishly stepped up to an unfamiliar vacancy as Liz relented all her decision-making privileges.

Today, Liz is happy as a kitten to be bossed around by Matt. Matt, loves nothing more than to come home from a day of taking orders to a sanctuary where he is top dog, calling the shots.

And to that, we say “another Stepford success story!”

5 Responses to “Stepford Welcomes Bossy Husbands”

  1. johnsgirl Says:

    Oh my! Where is that picture from? I love it when a man glares down at a woman who’s looking up through coy, submissive eyes. Gives me the chills (the good kind) just trying to image what’s going on between them.

  2. buttercup Says:

    Hi! I love your site :) I am a woman who is with a very domineering man. He is wonderful and takes very good care of me and my kids. The problem is, society has taught me how to be an aggressive woman, and that’s when we clash. I am trying to change that and your site helps me do this. Thank you for your help, and I hope you post more tips and suggestions :)

  3. admin Says:

    You are welcome buttercup. Stay tune for more!

  4. Ivy Says:

    Becoming a Stepford wife isn’t an instant transformation like in the novel. I would be happy if it was that easy. It’s an progress to give up your independence to your man and follow his orders and be a good wife to him.

  5. Candy Says:

    My husband is dominant and loves being the king of his castle I try not to make decisions without his approval such as this weekend he had to spend several days away I called him first to ask permission to go visit family he said yes but had he said no I wouldn’t have gone because it’s my place to listen to and respect his decisions. But I’m still a work in progress and really appreciate all the advice on your site.

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