The Amish: A Wellspring of Inspiration

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Friends and readers have often asked us, “how is it possible that you girls at the Stepford organization remain focus and insulated in your anachronistic 1950s lifestyle?”

The answer is that we look to America’s antiquated religions communities, like the Amish, Mennonites, the Shakers, Quakers, the Mormons (minus the polygamy stuff the fundamental sects get involved in) and even the Unification Church.

PBS’s American Experience came out with a fantastic documentary this year.

We are not talking about Amish Mafia or any sensationalist reality tv show. There is poetry here in both imagery and life stories told (off camera) by Amish women.

For example:

“My mom was a very gentle soul.
She was always a servant to everybody else.
She always made sure everybody was taken care of,
except mom.
She always tried to be the submissive woman.”

Sweet, familiar music to our ears!

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