Happy International Women’s Day!

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We’re back. Sorry for the prolonged absence gentle readers, but be rest assured, we have been reading all your emails. Carolyn, my sister, and I have been answering them whenever we can. There is a huge backlog due to our readership. So please be patient as we get back to answering all your inquiries. We always try to provide an answer for all sincere emails sent. Do not hesitate to write. However, we also encourage you the check our Frequently Asked Questions if you have general issues such as “Are you ladies serious? Is this a joke?” You will find your answers there.

We will update this blog / diary more often. It’s a promise. We have been going through some technical changes with our web administration help. So check back often! We will also be getting around to updating our static website: Stepfordwife.com. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves, enjoy thoroughly spoiling your husbands in the way you were put on this earth to do, and celebrate international women’s day!

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