Size: The Art of Being Inconsequential

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you can't stop loving short girls

One of the stereotypes that separates women from men is our size. Now it’s not entirely possible that we possess Scalett O’Hara’s 17 inch waistline from Gone with the Wind, but we do have the magic of diminutive stature in our favour. However; in this modern day and age, it’s additionally difficult to stay small. That’s why it is supremely important that we diet constantly, eat next to nothing except vegetables, and stay as thin as we are physically able to be. Remember what Wallis Simpson famously said, “You Can Never Be Too Rich Or Too Thin.”

Scarlett O'Hara

Even though not all men like short girls, they do prefer women to be smaller than they are, regardless of their height. That is part of the pride of masculinity in being the big, protective half in the relationship.

So if you are not able to be small, nor short, remember to do the next best thing: Take Up As Little Space As You Can, whenever you are around your husband or other men in public. Draw your shoulders in; sit with your knees touching; stand with your feet criss-crossed. Take Up A Minimal Amount of Space so we can provide our men with the luxury and comfort of more space to move around in. The art of being inconsequential is transforming our bodies to match our mindsets: we have small, inconsequential thoughts, small, inconsequential concerns, and small inconsequential opinions. Just the way our men prefer us.

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  1. Candy Says:

    Good reminder to remind me how important my husband is and I need to readjust my mind and be inconsequential so my presence doesn’t take away from him

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