Why You Should Beat Your Wife?

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Of course you shouldn’t! Okay, for the people who wait on the sidelines to pounce on our organization, one more time: NO, OF COURSE, YOU SHOULDN’T. We do not condone any sort of fetish behavior here at the Stepford Wives Organization. We do NOT even condone spanking or Christian Domestic Discipline, but we had a glance at this article from the Daily Beast (Spanking for Jesus: Inside the Unholy World of ‘Christian Domestic Discipline), and realized there were many similarities between our Organization and the folks who practice that “manly art.”

When Chelsea gets flummoxed by a question, she asks Clint for guidance in a voice so high-pitched that it belies her 28 years…

the Bible commands a husband to be the head of the household, and the wife must submit to him, in every way, or face painful chastisement.

They’re fighting (and losing) a culture war against liberalism and feminism.

“The worst thing I can do is disappoint him and I do that when I act on one of my character defects.”

Some of us occasionally get lectured by our husbands. Georgina and Sici get variations of corner time when they do something to displease their husbands, but none of our guys participate in any form of CDD. I suppose we believe it’s a little too close to physical abuse in one hand, and we vigilantly police ourselves to be well-behaved and accommodating wives at all times anyway. Before we do anything questionable, we always ask our husbands if it’s okay to do it first, and all they have to say is either “no,” or “it would displease me if you did.” And that would be the end of it. No further explanations need to be given.

Here is another line from the article:

And do men have any of these defects? Who is there to correct them? “He’s not perfect,” Vera says, “but it’s not my role to point that out. He self corrects.”

And as for what a man gets out of it, besides a woman who obeys his every command, Vera says her partner is satisfied by her growth. “He enjoys seeing the person he owns, his property, become the thing God wants her to be. It might sound weird, but that works for me.”

You can read the entire article here: Spanking for Jesus: Inside the Unholy World of ‘Christian Domestic Discipline

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3 Responses to “Why You Should Beat Your Wife?”

  1. Feminine Lady Says:

    We have been aware of this lifestyle for a while. We don’t live it It’s not that I object myself but I feel more because he is my protector and I don’t think he wants to hurt me because I can cry over little things never mind a spanking. I’m not emotionally strong like he is. He is strict though and has introduced corner time for when I need it and I do shed some tears then and believe me a lengthy corner time can do wonders for making me reflect on my behavior.

  2. crickmann Says:

    do u hav a site to meet a stepford woman on here

  3. Candy Says:

    I also try to please my husband in all ways and when I haven’t his expression of being let down is a hard punishment in itself and It makes me try harder to be a better wife to him.

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