Lady Diana Spencer, Sloane Ranger

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We love the late Lady Di, and were talking about Naomi Watts playing her over the weekend. Our preference is for her earlier years (1981-1984), before she found her own liberation from her marriage. During those conservative beginning years, the princess was meek, shy (“Shy Di”), and appeared alongside Charles most of the time. We love her conservative style in the days when wearing a low cut dress or dating a Pakistani / Egyptian fellow was unimaginable.

Sloanes are the British equivalent of the American preppy, and yes, there was also a book that was published to identify the English Sloanes.

When Princess Diana started out in the earlier years of marriage, she was instructed to dress a certain way by royal advisers. Needless to say, her high-neck, prim-and-proper, modest fashion appealed greatly to our Stepford girls. Our husbands like us to dress this way too. It may look a tad dated, but at least we come off conservative and reserved.

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