The Camera Is Your Best Tool for Cleaning House

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Here is a test to see if your house is Stepford immaculate. Take a camera (or cell phone) and point it at yourself in any one of your rooms / kitchen / bedroom in your home. Now pucker up and snap an innocent “selfie” of yourself. Next, inspect the photo. What do you see?

Chances are, it’s not “picture perfect.” By that, we mean, it’s not Architectural Digest or Home and Living perfect. In other words, it didn’t pass “the Stepford Test.”

Ever since the camera was invented, writers had been fond of describing the camera as a disinterested, objective eye. And when it comes to housecleaning, what the camera sees is certainly no exception. Even something so little as a chair that is positioned a few inches to one side makes all the difference in Stepford perfection. If you see something that looks like an episode from Hoarders: Buried Alive, then it’s high time to pick up the duster and get to work. Chop chop!

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