What is the NUMBER ONE Turnoff for men? TATTOOS!

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That’s right: Some 37 percent of men questioned in a new poll about unattractive qualities in the opposite sex listed tattoos as their number one turn-off, with more than three quarters of men (78 per cent) ranking body art among their top five pet hates.

Daily Mail Article: Tattoos, beards, bad breath and bitten nails: What men and women find the biggest turn-offs in the opposite sex

Lisa Khoury, who wrote an opinion article against tattoos in the Spectrum got bombarded with hate mail at the beginning of this year. The unladylike fury probably came from pro-tattoo girls and the modern men who “support” them.

Stepford girls should remember to follow traditional ideals of feminine modesty and ladylike decency. Blindly aping newfangled trends, in this case, putting gaudy tattoos on your body like a porn star or adult film sex worker is NOT the Stepford Way. It is okay to learn tips, tricks and techniques from our husband’s favorite mature content, but that is where the similarity ends. We can easily hide our sexual know-how in public, but a tat is for life.

And most men, according to this study, seem to agree.

Men find tattoos on women unattractive most likely because the decision to obtain a loud, garish, and gaudy pattern on a her body symbolizes a permanent decision she has already made on her own. When a man looks at a woman who has decided to go with “tats” she has, in effect, removed him from the decision-making process. He probably looks at a tattooed woman as unattractive because here is a person who has gone ahead and made a choice without seeking his approval and consent: it’s a declaration of the “modern, liberated” woman.

Our body is not a canvas for cheap-looking work to be displayed upon. By keeping it blank, we are reaffirming our husbands freedom to possess and carry out their wishes on an empty slate. That, is very Stepford.

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  1. minta16 Says:

    I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks to you lovely ladies and this wonderful blog. I follow it religiously! I know you are all very busy with all you chores and tasks but I look forward to seeing more posts soon! I just wanted to offer my thanks! Keep up the great work :)

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement minta, we will try to update more often in 2014!

  3. katyalanalov Says:

    Yes I know my husband very much agrees with this!

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    Love reading your page hope 2016 will bring more updates

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