Secret Lives of Stepford Wives

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The tabloid-fueled public always had an insatiable, subconscious thirst to see success stories demolished. It explains why tabloid gossip magazines and tabloid newspapers continue to fly off the shelves at supermarkets. What greater joy and sense of satisfaction can be obtained than the knowledge that just as you have to go home to your boring 3 meal a day kitchen, scrubbing and cleaning, fretting over your husband, that current IT girl actress in Hollywood has divorced her gorgeous husband and their 30 mil Spanish Villa in Brentwood is being auctioned off? It gives us comfort – no matter how superficial- to know we are not suffering alone.

If you look at reality TV, the same pattern emerges. In the latter 20th century, beginning with Harrison Ford’s movie Witness, the Amish have been looked upon as the moral compass of all that is virtuous, practical, simple, and family-oriented. Tabloid-like reality TV immediately rose to the call to take down that image. After all, if modern America is unable to sustain a virtuous, practical, simple, and family-oriented household, we’ll be damned if someone in our backyard can! Henceforth Breaking Amish, Amish Mafia, The Hutterites…all depicting Amish people in a negative light of conflict and decline. We dust our hands; our job is done.

We had received many requests for interviews ranging from tv talk shows to morning news shows and reality tv to have our lives examined. We were contacted by the producers of Investigation Discovery to be interviewed and have our stories told in their upcoming series The Secret Lives of Stepford Wives. Our husbands said no, so we said no. And that was a good call. Just look at absolutely caustic – probably fake, like most reality tv scripts – stories they eventually came out with:

Playdate with Death – When suburban homemaker Candy Montgomery becomes bored by her cookie-cutter routine, she finds herself an exciting new hobby: a salacious affair with a church friend’s husband. From secret hotel rendezvous to church choir run-ins, this affair is exactly what Montgomery needs to spice up her blasé day. However, even the best-laid plans can go awry. When her lover’s guilt threatens to end the relationship, Montgomery’s seamless life starts coming undone and an unexpected confrontation ends in axe murder.

Third Time’s the Charm – Yvonne Stern is a domestic goddess, perfectly capable of balancing the needs of her family and her role as queen of the Houston social scene. When she isn’t redecorating their million-dollar mansion or shopping at high-end boutiques, she’s on the soccer field cheering on her young children. But in a world of high society affairs, it’s not all glamour and air kisses. Stern’s husband, a prominent lawyer, has developed a deadly conflict of interest that will leave her fighting for her life.

American Nightmare – At 23, Rose Keil’s life changes forever when she answers a mysterious ad in her local German newspaper. She is jetted off to Palm Beach to live in the lap of luxury with her new beau, real estate magnate Fred Keller, who is 35 years her senior. They soon marry and welcome a beautiful baby boy. But, this May-December romance goes from hot to cold when Keil can no longer stand her husband’s controlling ways. She wants a divorce and a piece of his $100 million fortune. Eleven days after their divorce is finalized, a business meeting turns fatal when three people are shot, leaving one dead. Is the domineering husband or the strong-willed wife at fault?

Milkshake Murder – Nancy Kissel lives a charmed life. From her high-fashion look to her sprawling $20,000-a-month Hong Kong apartment, this ex-pat wife projects the image of perfection. But even when you think you have it all, it turns out something’s always missing. As her workaholic husband makes millions, Kissel buries her loneliness in high-end retail and $5,000 haircuts. When an Asian epidemic temporarily forces her and the children back to the states, she decides to renovate her luxury Vermont ski home with an upgrade that includes an affair with the TV repairman. When a private investigator begins unraveling this housewife’s dirty little secrets, someone winds up dead.

The Mad Scientist – Michelle Rivera Nyce is a beautiful girl from a small village in the Philippines whose life changes forever when she signs up for an American pen pal service. She finds love with a shy scientist who sweeps her off her feet to the suburbs. When her hubby creates a new potion and strikes it rich, Nyce’s life goes from modest to millions. But despite the mansion, fancy cars, and closet full of clothes, she grows restless and begins a secret affair with her gardener. Torn between two loves, can Nyce have it all or will the truth destroy her?

Upper East Side Shootout – Fabulously wealthy housewife Barbara Kogan is the toast of New York society. With her husband of 25 years, retail and real estate mogul husband George Kogan, she enjoys an extravagant life with an unlimited expense account. But George is keeping a dangerous secret from his wife – one that threatens their life together. Barbara’s lavish world is pulled out from under her when George dumps her for a younger woman. After a two-year-long bitter divorce, one of the Kogans is shot dead, and the ensuing 18-year manhunt uncovers a shocking surprise.

source: Investigation Discovery Looks At Sundown Towns And ‘Secret Lives Of Stepford Wives’

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  1. Thepnc1 Says:


    I’ve learned a lot from your site. I can sit here and say that I have a girlfriend that’s 10 times better than my ex (even though she is), but Elliot Katz teaches men to not blame problems on how other people grew up and be responsible for yourself. We both love his book and I’m going to read Fascinating Womanhood and Man of Velvet and Steel this year to see if my girl is the one for me.

    My question is it seems like your site gets major hits every week. Could you share how many people surf to the site daily?


  2. MrsBrunson Says:

    i really appreciate this blog and entire website

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