The Correct Way to Wear A Garter Belt (Panties Over or Under?)

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We have always encouraged wearing garter belts – even on a daily basis under clothing you wear to please your husband, or ones he picks for you. It harks back to the golden days when things were simpler for men and maintaining femininity is a complicated affair.

One of the questions we have seen repeatedly is whether to wear your undies under or over the garter belt. A reader on yahoo answers sums it up best. We’ll let her take it from here:

I am from France. Garter belts over panties is only for modeling purposes. It is ridiculous to actually wear them this way. Might as well wear pantyhose! First, it’s easier to go to the bathroom with the panties over! Next, the whole purpose (nowadays) behind the garter is its sexiness, and its sexiness lies in the idea of “readiness” for sex, whereas pantyhose, which can be attractive, are a complete shield. If you wear the garter over the panty, how could you shed the panty easily? Just picture both scenarios and you will see the logic of wearing the garter under the panty. Plus you get the option of keeping your stockings on, very sexy!
And yes, you do have the option of not wearing underwear under your garter. But again, why take away your guy’s pleasure in having at least one symbolic “obstacle” to overcome?

Sexiness is not just the “look”, it’s all those implicit ideas behind the look! source:

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