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Where To Get The Right Advice on Pleasing A Man: Men

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Is there a possibility that we have wasted years of our lives reading beauty salon glossy magazines on how to make him happy? The answer is Yes. They are written by women for women, entirely removed from the reality of what men want. Imagine men reading articles about how to please a woman ( our husbands would consider this a waste of time ) written by another man.

Back in the pre-internet days, we were limited to where and how we got our information, but in this modern day and age, where access to millions of male minds are at the tip of our fingertips, there is no excuse. Now you might think – as we once did – that websites that give information on how to look after your man would be the place to go. And we try to share our information with you at the Stepford Wives Organization

However, the bookshelf has changed. We need not go to the magazine racks any longer. The place to look is online. And you should be creative. Don’t dismiss any little passing joke, meme, motivation posters, or comments placed by men. This is the genuine Holy Grail we are after: a direct unadulterated route into the minds of men.

The Good Girl Gina meme (above) is one example of a meme (a standard image whereby contributors add their nuggets of wisdom to). Click here at the Good Girl Gina meme page for more. The Good Girl Gina meme is the female counterpart of “Good Guy Greg,” a meme men look to to learn about positive male traits.

Spoof Motivational Posters like the one below are also camouflage places on the internet where men voice their dissatisfaction with the modern woman.

And last of all, there are the maverick writers who shoot from the hip. Though often difficult to swallow, and offensive to our sensitive ears, a woman who truly wants to please her man knows no limits on where to go ONLINE to find new ideas. Here is an article that originally published on E-How that was later removed. Matthew enthusiastically forwarded it to our Liz. And it reinforces the concept set forth by the Obedient Wives Club: if you don’t want your man to cheat, you have to have the knowledge of the working girls out there in what she does. The following link is Not Safe For Work and is not for the faint-of-heart. If you blush easily, please do not click on this text-only link (adults only, sexual content): How To Please A Man

New Category at The Stepford Wives Organization: Men Are Talking, Hush Girls!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

men are talking, ladies, hush!

When browsing online blogs and articles, we Stepford girls are often more interested in the comments section than the actual article. Probably because it’s shorter to read and easier to keep our attention. But we often come across so many gems written years ago, by anonymous people online, that sparkle long after the article they refer to is forgotten. Plus we believe that under the stress-free guise of anonymity, people can be more truthful and honest about their thoughts.

We love to share some of our finds with you, gentle reader. So we have created a new category of collected writings from men, found on comment sections across the internet. We call this department: “Men Are Talking, Hush Girls!

We launch this feature with a precious comment post that was found below the article Liberated From What?

I’m a 56, male, & once single parent. I remember the start of the lib. movement in the 60s, when the poor house wife thought it would be fair for the man to come home for lunch & let the woman go back to finish his days work. The point was to show men how hard it was to be a wife & mother. How foolish all of you were then & now. Woman’s liberation is the worst thing to ever come about in our country. You still expect the man to continue his role as a provider. But you don’t want to fulfill your natural role in life. Yes, nature made a woman to reproduce & nurture children until maturity. Nature created man to provide & fight to protect. Today’s woman wants to experience motherhood & love. But don’t want the work or responsibility that comes with it. Just the pleasure (fun). You think your better than that. Well, get a grip lady’s. Men & woman are just another of natures animal forms & your out of place as well as out of line with your identity quest. You use a few male jerks to categorize all men & blame for your short comings in life. The proof is in the last few generations of kids now adults & the youth of today. All of natures mammals teach their young. The liberated woman of today thinks she is to good to provide one of the two role models needed for children to fully mature. Look at today’s youth. They don’t have a clue of what they should grow up to be. Most of them don’t know what a family life is. They never had one. The TV raised them. Not the Mother. She is to busy looking for her identity & blaming men for her downfalls. My friend & I are going to come out of early retirement to produce one more show for the cable TV network. The basic format of this show will be pointed at bashing today’s liberated foolish woman. It will show young men what a woman is really all about today & how they manipulate & lure men for their own personal greed & power. To show men the only thing a woman now takes pride in is her mirror. Not her husband or children. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you that will get angry with my show. It will help our ratings. Go back to the role in life nature made you for. That’s all the majority of you are capable of doing well.