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Stepford Is Back: The Beginning Of A Trump Era

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

First of, us girls here at the Stepford Organization ( would like to congratulate President Trump and his family for his success in becoming the 45th president of the once greatest country in the world. Now we look forward to him fulfilling his job to make that country great again.

Thinking back to that golden decade of the 1950s, America was great when us women kept silent, kept the home clean and sparkling, and let our men take the lead. We maintain the domestic life but were always there to support our men with optimism, commitment, and religious devotion. Here is President Trump’s elegant wife Melania holding the Bible for him to be sworn in. Look at the way she watches her man with deep reverence and honor! A picture says a thousand words:

Donald Trump Inauguration Make America Great Again

We will we return to that golden age where women answer to the Stepford edict; to look fresh, beautiful, chaste, obedient, and attractive, while our men do all the talking. Witness here:

Donald Trump Trumps Get Interviewed Women Keep Quiet Stepford

It’s not only enough to be attractive. Remember, in Stepford we work hard to be sexually gratifying and available to our men at any time.

Businessman Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump arrive for the 40th Anniversary Saturday Night Live (SNL) broadcast in the Manhattan Borough of New York February 15, 2015. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT REAL ESTATE BUSINESS)

So while the men in the new White House do what they need to do to lift our country up again from the dismal eight years, it is time for us women to get in high gear and answer the call to life our men up and be men again.

The Correct Way to Wear A Garter Belt (Panties Over or Under?)

Sunday, July 12th, 2015


We have always encouraged wearing garter belts – even on a daily basis under clothing you wear to please your husband, or ones he picks for you. It harks back to the golden days when things were simpler for men and maintaining femininity is a complicated affair.

One of the questions we have seen repeatedly is whether to wear your undies under or over the garter belt. A reader on yahoo answers sums it up best. We’ll let her take it from here:

I am from France. Garter belts over panties is only for modeling purposes. It is ridiculous to actually wear them this way. Might as well wear pantyhose! First, it’s easier to go to the bathroom with the panties over! Next, the whole purpose (nowadays) behind the garter is its sexiness, and its sexiness lies in the idea of “readiness” for sex, whereas pantyhose, which can be attractive, are a complete shield. If you wear the garter over the panty, how could you shed the panty easily? Just picture both scenarios and you will see the logic of wearing the garter under the panty. Plus you get the option of keeping your stockings on, very sexy!
And yes, you do have the option of not wearing underwear under your garter. But again, why take away your guy’s pleasure in having at least one symbolic “obstacle” to overcome?

Sexiness is not just the “look”, it’s all those implicit ideas behind the look! source:

You can read more about Garter Belts on our Stepford Wives Organization’s main site’s dressing page: Click Here To Go To Our Dressing Page

Remember To Be The Proper Lady

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
The Proper Lady At Stepford Wives Organization (painting: The Acheson Sisters by John Singer Sargent

The Proper Lady At Stepford Wives Organization: The Acheson Sisters by John Singer Sargent

You would think we would go to the TV Tropes Website to look up the term “Stepford,” but the true treasure on that site is the blueprint for the Stepford Wife: she is The Proper Lady:

She sacrifices herself for the good of her family, religion, and country. She is intelligent enough to smoothly run a household, and wisely spends her husband’s money for the good of her family, never guilty of negligence or selfish frivolity. She possesses the wit, taste and esprit necessary to be a star of Society, and never crosses the border of good taste and civility. She is devoted and loyal, never treacherous or scheming. Her manners are never less than impeccable, and her good will and charity are a beacon to those lucky enough to live around her. She is perfectly groomed, likely beautiful or at least comely (while the female antagonist will be more beautiful and appealing). However, more important than her personal looks is her gentle smile. Because small size is endearing (and allows for protective embraces from her lucky husband or fiancé), she will probably be on the shorter side.

So there you have it. If you don’t feel like reading the shelves of books we have to trudge through here at the organization, this is the Stepford cheat sheet, or the Cliff Notes, depending on the generation you come from.

source: TV Tropes The Proper Lady

Arnold Schwarznegger surrounded by Stepford Wives?

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Have a look at these wonderful AFP/AFP/Getty Images from 1977 when Arnold Schwarzenegger was promoting his moving Pumping Iron in 1977 at the Cannes Film Festival.

Look at those wonderful Stepford Wives outfits on the girls of the Folies Bergere on the beach in Cannes? Wonder what they were promoting?

Photo credits: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Assemble Yourself To Your Husband’s Specifications and Needs at Stepford Wives Organization

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Click on the picture for larger version.

Assembled to you husband's specifications at

Assembled to you husband's specifications at

Stepford Teen is Not Just About Clothing and Good Looks

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

We started young. Being Stepford isn’t something you acquire overnight, and it certainly isn’t as simple as buying brand labels or identifiable clothing that will magically admit you into our “club.”

Carolyn is the avid reader in our group, and since her early teens she has been pouring over magazines, out-of-print books, advice manuals, feminist manifestos (know your opposition!), women’s and gender studies, religious tracts, the good book and relevant biblical literature, Koran, Torah, etc. She even has a ten volume collection compiled by Rulon Jeffs of the Fundamental Church of the Latter Day Saints. Cici talks with people IRL (in real life) while I (Irene) have been studying the internet in between a hectic schedule cooking for, cleaning for and general maintenance of my husband’s happiness.

We have been lagging behind our internet updates, that is true, but first things first!

Here is an article in UK’s Daily Mail Rise of the Stepford Teen: Experts warn pressure to conform will lead to a generation of clones obsessed with looks about the trend of today’s teens to conform to a uniformed look, which includes a certain way of dressing, and a certain way of making oneself up. As we have mentioned: being Stepford is not as simple as merely keeping up appearances. We put our husbands at the crown of our household. We started young by listening to and obeying our daddies. The transition from father to husband is smooth as the next man in our lives take charge and we put listening to him, obeying him, and pleasuring him our main goals in life. For the more religious among us, there is additional guidance from a male religious figure.

Yes it’s true, we need to wake up earlier to dress properly and always put our makeup on before he wakes up, but that’s just a mere ribbon in the overall Stepford package.

Yesterday’s Woman vs Today’s Woman

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Osmosis and the flood from the less concentrated into the more concentrated (by Carolyn Snowdon)

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Osmosis is a chemical terminology that means the tendency for a less concentrated solvent to move in and occupy the area with a more concentrated solvent.

I have noticed that the tendency of passing time is for areas of lesser substance to permeate those of greater substance, thereby diluting it, making it weak. This applies for culture, cultural behavior, cultural patterns, and the general way we carry and present ourselves. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the quality of products in the last 50 years have gone steadily downwards.

When it comes to the way we present themselves as women, osmosis is readily apparent. The weaker culture continues to permeate how we use to be.

Women today are loud, foul-mouthed, obnoxious, belligerent, violent, and unkempt. English has almost become a second language in the States. Is it any wonder that we have lost the vocabulary of femininity?

We need to return to the golden age of modesty, chastity, and willing deference and docility to our husbands and men.

That is the only way to push out the lesser, coarse elements that are constantly threatening to eradicate the way proper wives and women once were.

The Stepford Wives Bra?

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Our husbands thought these were the perfect bras for us. We shopped around and found this page on Etsy, but unfortunately, the selection seems to be slim, especially when looking for 34DD. If readers here know where to get them, do share! Thanks!

That iconic 70s Stepford Wife Look was Real.

Monday, March 11th, 2013

A Seventies Wedding by Art Hanson from the National Archives.

Although we have mentioned in the past that Bryan Forbes’s decision to dress Stepford Wives in flowery Victorian dresses was a choice made to flatter his wife/actress Nannette Newman The outfits depicted in the original 1975 Stepford Wives movie were indicative of the period’s fashion. Have a look at this delightful collection of wedding photos by Art Hanson in the National Archives’ Documerica Gallery. Click here for more.