Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Stepford Wives Organization

1. “You Expect Me To Do WHAT? Are You Out of Your Effin Mind? Is This Site A Joke?”
For the most part, we practice what we preach. We take the role of the traditional wife very seriously. We can’t say we succeed 100% of the time. Sometimes the will slips a little or tempers may get tested. It’s only human. Remember that we come from a broad range of backgrounds and this site is simply a place for us to share our notes on our notion of the perfect housewife with you. The Stepford Wives Organization does not tell women and wives how to live and conduct themselves; we merely show you how WE live and conduct ourselves…according to our husband’s wishes, of course.

Think in terms of Haute Couture (high fashion in French). You know, all those models you see parading next season’s in look on the runway. Most of us understand that only a handful of wives married to Arabic oil sheikhs are going to be able to shelf out 6 thousands dollars for a dress (all the time while denouncing the West as “shaitan” of course). For the rest of us, we wait until that design trickles down to Prèt-à-porté (Ready To Wear in French) at the department store where we can easily purchase and alter according to our body types. So it is with our Stepford Wives Organization website: we share our outlines with you, the sewing pattern to assemble the perfect housewife. You may not be able to make the perfect cut, but you’ll have the destination points marked out.

We realize we come off to many visitors as 110% over-the-top Über Hausfraus, super devoted to our husbands, super obedient to his whims and fancies. We also understand this is not for everyone. But we do know that in this day and age of the raging, brusque, male-crushing era of gurl power, simply walking away with a third of what the Stepford Wives Organization say and do….even if you only achieve a fraction of that third….you are already way ahead of today’s woman in feminine meekness, girlish charm, and wifely submission.

Feminism and the Woman’s Rights Movement have inadvertently made our jobs much easier. (Thanks sisters!) The liberated woman today has become so coarse, brusque, insulting, and unyielding to her guy, we’ve noticed that even the slightest trace of feminine acquiescence to our men, the slightest hint of “giving way” and yielding to men, whether it be decision-making, an absence of sarcasm, a cheery concession to whip up a nice little warm meal, any tiny way to say “thank you. I appreciate you.” – evokes a surprising level of gratitude in our stronger half. Feminism and today’s women may have trained men to expect so little from us, but it’s also soften many men into hollow semblances of what we once knew them to be. For those women who complain that men aren’t what they used to be, they only have to look in the mirror to discover the cause. We find that if we hold up our part in the traditional role – in whatever amount we can manage – it slowly awakens in our men to ascend back to the role they once took charge of so well.

2. Can I join this group

The Organization is made up of a group of women who physically know each other in real life, and live within close proximity of each other. It is NOT a virtual community where online members can join. The Organization is an online bulletin board for us to share our ideas, recipes, etiquette, philosophy, and way of conduct with other Stay-at-Home Mothers and Wives.

3. What is the politics of the organization

We encourage a broad range of views among our organization. There are women who have Women’s Studies B.A. from prestigious schools on the East Coast, to home-schooled ladies, and some with GEDs. Education is not a sign of prestige as we think no amount of intellectual power can compare to one’s ability to please her husband. We have feminists who were active in the 70s and 80s, to ultra-conservative religious Republicans. At different points in our lives, we realized that staying at home and attending to and pleasing the head of the household was our main calling in life.

4. Where are you located.

Western Connecticut.

5. I’m a member of the transgender / crossdresser / bDsm community. Can we join your organization?

We can’t control who reads our website, or who pretends or fantasizes to live our way. While we think you should be free to live your life as long as you’re not hurting anyone, the answer is No. We feel if you live by the tenets of traditional marital obedience, there’s no need to stray into deviance and fringe behavior. We like normalcy and promote traditional, conservative values. We have never associated with any alternative lifestyle groups or gender-confused people, and we have little desire to.

Stepford Wives Organization is in no way associated with any fetish, transgender, deviant or alternative lifestyle groups. We do NOT support any fetish, transgender, deviant or alternative groups. We do NOT support roleplaying, fantasy, or bdSM play. We promote traditional family values and a positive attitude towards marriage. Stepford women believe in a clean way of life that promotes a healthy environment for marriage and children. Our values are closely aligned to those of the Christian, biblical vision of womanhood.

6. What books do you recommend us to read

1. The Holy Bible
2. Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B. Andelin
3. Fascinating Girl by Helen B. Andelin (which was incorporated into certain editions of FW)
4. Man of Steel and Velvet: A Guide to Masculine Development by Aubrey Andelin
5. Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man by Elliot Katz
6. Wife Dressing: The Fine Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife by Anne Fogarty and Rosemary Feitelberg
7. Stepford Wives by Ira Levin
8. Complete Book of Etiquette by Amy Vanderbilt
9. A History of the Wife by Marilyn Yalom
10. Happy Housewives: I Was a Whining, Miserable, Desperate Housewife–But I Finally Snapped Out of It…You Can, Too! by Darla Shine

7. Who are the members of the Organization?

There is Irene (that’s me) who, along with Pree, does most of the admin work and answers emails. My sister Carolyn, and then there is Stephanie, Clarissa, Blair, Liz, Sici (because she doesn’t like to be called Muff), Jane, Maddy and Connie.

8. Are you against feminism?

We are not. Feminism fought to gain equality, opportunity, legal rights, and most importantly, freedom for women. Like any idea, it was bound to be misread and appropriated by people who had their personal agenda to advance. In it’s original suffragist and workplace ideals, they succeeded in what they set out to do. As with any idea that seek to obtain opportunity however, freedom means we are equally free to accept feminists ideas as we are to reject them. We thank and applaud the women who have fought for our rights to make our own decisions. Now please allow us to make our own decisions and live by the choices we have made.

If you force us to live by your personal, egalitarian vision of utopia, then wouldn’t you would have repeated the very offense you charged men (and the patriarchal oppression) of committing?

9. “Does the Stepford Organization Support Mail Order Brides?”

No. Absolutely not. We have asked the webmaster to be diligent in blocking all Mail Order Bride banners on our site. The moment we catch one, we ask him to ban the banner!

To date, we have not heard a single success story pertaining to mail order brides. They are usually Russian or Asian women who come here pretending to be passive and docile. But time and again, they always turn out to be intensively ambitious individuals with the set agenda of immigration. We have heard stories (from relatives) of initially submissive mail order wives turning into hyper-materialistic, label-conscious women, a super-deluxe grotesque caricature of the self-centered Western woman.

We even know of an in-law with an imported wife whose former husband had been driven to drink, only to meet with a mysterious and fatal road accident. Armed with his entire inheritance, this naturalized widow has since hooked up with the in-law, alienated him from his entire family and he, in turn, has developed a dangerous drinking problem.

So No no no! Stay away from mail order brides! They’re not all they are cracked up to be. If you are looking for the genuine article, always look locally. Stepford is a homegrown product. The only way you can find a genuinely acquiescent and obedient wife is to find someone who has no ulterior motive. No hidden agenda to gain citizenship or monetary assets. When you come across the genuine U.S. made, homegrown Stepford wife, you know she’ll stay with you for good, and abide by your wishes because she enjoys doing so and wants to, not because she needs to. A considerable distinction.

8. “Does the Stepford Organization have tenets the wives abide by?”

We are not a biblical group and don’t have any particular affiliations to any fringe religious groups. We are just a group of wives who share a common belief in staying at home and pleasing our husbands. Our Stepford men have framed three rules they hang by our kitchen window. They informed us these are the only four views we should have in life.

    1. A wife may not injure her husband or, through inaction, allow her husband to come to harm or discomfort.

    2. A wife must obey and serve any orders given to her by her husband, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

    3. A wife must protect her own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

We didn’t quite fully understand the third law, and when we asked our husbands, they just shrugged and said it “it just means when you’re not tending to our needs, you should do everything you can to look as good and attractive as possible.” When one of the more inquisitive girls asked who drafted these up, the answer was “your great grandfather, the patriarch Isaac.”