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Stepford Wives In The Kitchen Where We Belong ( Miles Aldridge for Agent Provocateur )

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Stepford Wives In the Kitchen Photo by Miles Aldridge for Agent Provocateur

Photographer Miles Aldridge has been called upon to create an ad campaign for lingerie brand Agent Provocateur.

Our husbands approve of the photo series, and we agree. There is nothing wrong with dressing in a racy way, as long as you are doing it for your husband and in the privacy of your home. Furthermore, our husbands have always encouraged us to wear garter belts to harken back to better, more traditional days of the 1950s. Click here Stepford Wives Dress Code to read more about it.

We have been told by our men to doll out and get down to our sexy delicates when spoiling and serving them on many occasions, even during meal times or just sitting watching television. It’s a harmless request, and shows our eagerness to be available to them at all times. Of course, we would definitely encourage the use of an apron if you are doing the dishes, and even if we get a spot or two on us, remember: what better way than to please a man visually when we are pleasing him by keeping his home clean?

Stepford Wives in the Kitchen Photo by Miles Aldridge for Agent Provocateur

Here is another photo from Miles Aldridge’s portfolio. Notice that his women are portrayed low to the ground, a classic advertising position in portraying fascinating femininity.

Stepford Wives in the Kitchen

Miles’s work can be viewed at: Miles Aldridge’s website

Agent Provocateur’s amazing lingerie can be viewed at: Agent Provocateur

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