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Breast Size Preference an indicator of Traditional Male Attention?

Monday, May 20th, 2013

You betcha. In a recent study, men who prefer larger breast sizes were found to harbor greater sexist attitudes. Now a distinction needs to be made between benevolent sexism and hostile sexism. Benevolent sexism places women on pedestals, while hostile sexisms reinforces negatives attitudes and stereotypes towards women. Whichever sexism it is, we say “bring it on.” Sexism reinforces the difference between the sexes, and is the core of what makes fascinating womanhood fascinating. Even though egalitarianism is a noble idea to strive for, true equality would mean a loss of identity for the Stepford wife.

The original novel for the Stepford Wives reiterated many scenes where breast size was a trait of the women in Stepford:

“Good night,” Joanna said, and watched Carol go-profile of too-big bosom-into her kitchen and close the door. She reappeared almost instantly at the over-the-sink window, adjust the water lever, taking hold of something and scrubbing it. Her red hair was neat and gleaming; her thin-nosed face looked thoughtful (and, damn it all, intelligent); her big purple breasts bobbed with her scrubbing.

The filmmaker Pedro Almodovar once said that the women in his movies are always big bosom, due to to the belief among Spaniards that big breasts symbolized a healthy harvest.

In the Stepford Wives Organization, we believe if our husbands prefer us to be bustier, having an augmentation done to please our men is a privilege that we’ll happily agree to in order to pledge our compliance to their wishes. It doesn’t matter if other women find our bust size a little unnatural. All that matters is that our husbands like them.

That’s what she was, Joanna felt suddenly. That’s what they all were, all the Stepford wives: actresses in commercials, pleased with detergents and floor wax, with cleansers, shampoos, and deodorants. Pretty actresses, big in the bosom but small in talent, playing suburburban housewives unconvincingly, too nicey-nice to be real