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FAQ: “What If My Husband Votes For A Different Candidate Than Mine?”

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

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We get this question all the time. Although girls at our organization never tell people how to vote (it’s just not our place to do so), we have always espouse the traditional view that we women are not well-informed enough about current topics and educated enough about politics to vote. That’s why it has never been an issue on how or who we should vote for.


We leave the decisions up to the head-of-the-household. Critics will say that women in the past have fought for our right to vote. We certainly appreciate that effort, and we fully utilize that right. We exercise the freedom of either choices and we are all. We either stay at home and refrain from voting, OR if additional votes are needed for our husband’s candidate, we vote for who our husband tells us to vote for. He is the head of our household and we follow the head. Our duty as Stepford wives is not to question or inquire, we leave it up to our men to make informed decisions.

So come these primaries, caucuses, and presidential elections, we hope you will do what we do and follow your husband’s lead. Of course, we also hope you will vote for a candidate who is conservative, Christian, and stands for traditional values.

Terry Rakolta, Americans for Responsible Television, and MediaWatch UK.

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

We were just admiring the darling photo of Terry Rakolta and her family in the opening sequence of the clip above.

We then had a conversation about this Michigan housewife who launched a letter writing campaign against the tv show “Married…with Children” in the late eighties. She appeared in a few talk shows and news programs. She also founded Americans for Responsible Television. Her family is tied in with the Romneys, as in Mitt. The UK equivalent of Americans for Responsible Television is Media Watch UK.

For moms who are concerned about television violence, contact information for Americans for Responsible Television can be found on this site Dove Organization

And here is a bird’s eye view of her place: check out this very Stepford locale!

Book Review: Cindy McCain: Elegance, Good Will and Hope for a New America by Alicia Colon

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Cindy McCain Elegance, Good Will and Hope for a New America by Alicia Colon

Here is our e-book review for Alicia Colon’s Cindy McCain: Elegance, Good Will and Hope for a New America by Alicia Colon The book is only in ebook format (click on the photos to go to amazon’s product page)and will not be published as an actual book. It was written during the 2008 presidential campaign. Even though Cindy McCain is often seen or labeled a Stepford Wife, this is a quick and insightful read into how Mrs. McCain is in fact, not a Stepford Wife. Not that we have anything against the label. We adored all the qualities embedded in the entirely unnecessary vitriolic hurled at her in the name of "liberal open-mindedness."

 Cindy McCain is a Stepford Wife. The only opinions she has are the ones John gives her. She only says what John tells her to say. Cindy McCain doesn’t have an original throught at all in her mind. She is an absolute milquetoast. She only does what John tells her to do.

Here is a great line from the book that got us ladies chatting an entire afternoon!

"[Cindy] told me many times that she wanted to be the perfect wife and mother, and she wanted to be everything that John McCain wanted her to be," said longtime friend Betsey Bayless. "And she pretty much was the perfect wife and mother, but, youknow, she had to come to the realization that everything isn’t perfect."

I read somewhere that this book was pending print publication IF John McCain had won the presidency in 2008. So don’t hold your breath for the physical book being out soon. Also, note there are NO images on this e-book. You will have to supplement your reading with Image Googling and Youtubing "Cindy McCain" (add the search word ‘HALO’ and enjoy!)

Ah where to begin? Needless to say, we at the Stepford Wives Organization were charmed when we heard about a public figure being continually compared to our way of life. We understand it’s meant in a derisive way, but we take no offense. We understand it’s not for everyone. Still, we adore Cindy McCain, her meticulous presentation, her gracious ways, her great humanitarian track record, her "family first" philosophy, and her "stand by your man" duties as the perfect wife. Many of these qualities are hallmarks of iconic heiresses from the past.

So why was there such vitriolic savagery online and in the media towards Mrs. John McCain? I think there’s the ever-present class system and prejudices at work. In the States – though many want to believe its a country where all are created equal and should be treated as such – affluence continues to arouse an invidious jealousy among the unwashed masses. Combine this with arrogant libs with no formal training in good manners and a population eager to flaunt their broadmindedness by supporting the other candidate, one could understand (though not forgive) the uncharitable words that were flung at Cindy McCain during the election of 2008.

Alicia Colon’s book addressed this very topic. She even quotes invectives hurled at our heroine from online comment boards and media articles. But Cindy McCain is so much more. Opting for a low-keyed presence, performing and working with charitable organizations (Operation Smile, HALO (landmine removal), and CARE) and founded AVMT (American Voluntary Medical Team). Mrs. McCain is not one of those donors who writes a check and calls it the day. Without media coverage, as early as twenty years ago, she was already traveling to war-torn third world countries to work with the less fortunate. Colon writes that McCain wants to make sure the money goes to the right people, an increasing problem (read Linda Polman’s Crisis Caravan) for people who know and are serious about humanitarian aid. We all mourned the passing of Princess Di, but here is a person (one of America’s own) who is using her riches and visibility to do meaningful global acts of humanity and what did she get from the general public? It was downright disgraceful!

Elegance, Good Will and Hope for a New America by Alicia Colon

Her generosity was present early on in her life. Attaining a masters in Special Ed., Cindy Hensley returned to Arizona to teach children with Down Syndrome at impoverished Avondale. When she inherited her father’s beer distribution business, she chose to carry on the tradition of taking care of their long time clients. At the same time she began her international humanitarian work when she discovered the atrocious conditions in a Micronesia Hospital E.R. after a diving accident. One realizes how admirable this is when you compare it to the other American "heiresses" of present day who are more concerned with partying and releasing sex tapes of themselves.

Colon could have done a more thorough job. This book has a very "rushed" feel to it, focusing a bit too much on John McCain at many points in the book, as if it were supplementary reading for undecided voters during 2008. Colon sometimes goes on the offensive against liberal attacks, which is off-topic. To be fair, Mrs. McCain is ill-at-ease to be in the public limelight, so her sense of privacy is admirable and given due respect. The author covers all the major scandals that hit Mrs. McCain (the possible romantic fling with John while he was still technically married to Carol McCain, her addiction to Vicodin (to tame back pains) that led to pocketed prescription from AVMT, and the mysterious sister from Jim Hensley’s previous marriage). The others, involving her adopted daughter Bridget, though mentioned, and serves as an example of the vicious gossip the McCains had to endure, should not be given the dignity of acknowledgment here.

Now with the election over, and the mean-spirited anti-McCain savages back in their caves, we can slowly admire the work of a quiet humanitarian and a genuine philanthropist.

Test your Myopia: Memoirs of A Politician (update: Jan 6, 2010)

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I was having a conversation with a friend who was a staunch democrat. I mentioned that I just finished reading a book written by an infamous female politician that aroused heated debate anytime her name was mentioned. I told Jane I was sure she would have much to say about this public figure. I also added that the writing style was along the lines where some may argue was a little below the standards of a literary craftsperson. Oh sure, this gal had a professional career, held office at a large state, and still raised and stood by her family when times got tough. She may have had some scandals while in the political spotlight, but she had as many opponents as she did supporters.

I thought the book was fairly well-written. It was a quick read and gave me an idea of the vision that the author was capable of. Like most books written by politicians, it had it’s share of spin and PR image crafting. I said I thought the author has a future in politics even though many may not agree with her policies on how this country should be run. I mentioned that she will make another comeback and I was always willing to listen to what she has to say in the next election.

So my friend haughtily looked down her nose at me and announced “that’s just like all you conservative Palin supporters! Myopic and ever-ready to forgive her for all short-comings. When are you people ever going to learn that she is an insult to all women? You should learn to be more open-minded and not see the world from your small-town ways!”

“I’m sorry to hear that’s the way you feel.” I put a hand on her hand. Then I held up the book I was talking about.

Hover your cursor over the book cover below to see a clearer image of the book I was referring to.