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Betty Crocker Then And Now: Why It Will Always Be Important To Look Your Best

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

betty crocker then and now

Above is a rundown of what we have come to view as the Betty Crocker figure in our respective times. Now it may initially appear to be a joke, but if you think about it, many things we use to do are no longer done. Just about the only events people dress up for today is Church, Marriage, and Funerals. (In that order). But we still remember the days when our moms dressed up to go shopping, to go on airplane flights, to just any form of travel.

These days, the default is to let it all hang out, “do your thing.” And we think that’s a mistake. Take a look at the 9 Betty’s above? You can pick the odd one out even without reading spectacles!

Take Care of Your Family: Eat Sensibly (August 20, 2010)

Friday, August 20th, 2010

With the current outbreak of salmonella in eggs (which by the way, is eradicated with proper cooking….so unless you are making tiramisu, chocolate mousse or Caesar salad dressing, you have nothing to worry about), I am reminded of a topic I frequently revisit. Healthy eating and healthy cooking. There’s a difference between alarmist, hypochondriac approach to food vs sensible cooking.

I’ve been preaching healthy cooking for years. I even get on my mom’s case for the traditional way she cooks.

What is healthy cooking? Well, first and foremost, stay away from the cans. If you’ve never “canned” foods yourself, you may not understand the science of preservation. To put it in simple terms, just pop open a bottle of wine. A decent bottle of wine – refrigerated- will go bad in a day or two A box or jug wine, can make it past a week and still retain it’s original flavor. What is the secret ingredient? Preservatives. And they are not always natural ones either. Has anyone even notice that modern apples can go for days without turning brown? How do you think they got THAT way? So if you can’t cook with homegrown vegetables (a staple among us gals), at least use frozen veggies.

Secondly, healthy cooking means using substitutes. You may not get the full pleasure of a properly cooked French omelette with egg whites or egg subsitutes, or a greasy hamburger with a soy vegan burger, but as human beings, we all learn to adjust. Some fads have come and gone, admittedly – like margarine. But try olive oil spray when you want to use butter or canola. Yogurt instead of mayonnaise, mushrooms instead of beef. (The exception is when the man of the house asks for beef. We shut up and get ourselves to the kitchen!)

So opt for that free range chicken, and hormone-free eggs. Trey Stevia instead of sugar, or use sugar-in-the-raw if you must. And if you ever have a craving for fast food, we recommend Devin Alexander’s Fast Food Fix: 75+ Amazing Recipe Makeovers of Your Fast Food Restaurant Favorites. In the book, she approximates your dishes from your favorite American fast food joints, using healthy low-calorie substitutes. We at the organization give it a hearty five stars!

Junk Food as Culinary Toppin

Monday, June 28th, 2010

For years, cookbooks have advised innovative ways to use junk food. After all, even bad things in small doses are acceptable. You wouldn”t want to sit down with a bowl, save a bag of crisps, for nourishment. Heavens no! But to take a handful of pita chips, potato chips, or even tortillas, crumble it all up, and throw it over a salad topping, underneath a ham and cheese sandwich, or into a burrito or veggie wrap is a perfect garnish for texture.

EXTRA KITCHEN TIP: Go for Lo-Salt or Salt-Free chips if you want to use the crumbs at the end of the bag. We find the regular chips too salty once you get to the bottom of the bag. With Lo-Salt or Salt Free chips, the mix in the crumbs is just right.