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The Three Qualities of A Good Wife

Saturday, June 24th, 2017
A good Chanakya at Stepford Wives Organization

Chanakya Quote: A Good Wife

Book Review: The Submissive Wife and Other Legends (Martha Drake) ISBN 0-87123-926-4

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Marsha’s Drake’s The Submissive Wife is a short novel that expounds on the biblical teachings of Titus and Ephesians, primarily those involving a wife’s biblical submission to her husband. The novel is written in an easy to read format, documenting the days of one Martha Christian, a housewife / mother (of three boys), whose liberation from the home is awakened one day when she is called to duty as a smock lady at the local hospital.

After suffering an accident that puts her in a cast, things begin to go downhill, as Martha repeatedly defies her husband’s wishes for her to stay at home. To cure herself from this need for “self-expression,” she tries a number of remedies, anywhere from shopping herself out of a rut, to taking different jobs. Don’t let the title of the book fool you. It may be 170 pages, but it is 169 pages of a woman being everything but a submissive wife. One wonders many times along the way whether it is possible to be so at odds with the joys of homemaking. Martha continually quotes the scripture- even at one point to a teenage girl who has an aggressive career-oriented mother who is separating from the husband – but she herself then neglects following her biblical advice and goes back to rebelling. In that sense, it seems a little contrived.

Honestly, we girls at the Stepford Organization would have caved in at Chapter 1 and “quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness” and obedience to our husbands’ wishes.

Needless to say, the moment finally arrives, but with a unique twist. It’s got a bit of everything: humor, emergencies, cuteness, a smattering of intellectual quotes, cheating, flirting bosses, break-ins, shoplifting, juvenile delinquency, all in a familial setting. So if you tend to wince at some of these situations, you may want to proceed with care. Pay attention to her boss outside if the domestic sphere – Drundle – who seems to be a dominating male figure which comes into competition with her husband’s.

Recommend: Aubrey Andelin’s Man of Velvet and Steel (February 26, 2010)

Friday, February 26th, 2010

As you know, among our Stepford bibles is Helen B Andelin’s Fascinating Womanhood. Her husband Aubrey also wrote a book for men, after Fascinating Womanhood became a bestseller (it sold over 1.6 million copies since 1963, when it was published!). Man of Velvet and Steel (ISBN-978-0911094237 ) was written in 1972, and though it is primarily a guide for men, we thought we’d share our highlighted passages here, since it’s a guide for Stepford women too, in how to behave around our men. After all, the purpose of good manners is to help our husbands make a good impression on others, demonstrating what good decision-makers they are by picking such an obedient and loving wife. Here are some of the favorites among us Stepford girls.

Click on this link to go to read excerpts of this book on the Good Manners page on our websites: and

The Ideal Husband and the Good Wife (update: January 21, 2010)

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

I am reading F. Carolyn Graglia’s book Domestic Tranquility. She seems to have it in for the feminists, who – in her perspective – worked hard to diminish the role of the wife and homemaker. It was written in 1998. I hope that feminists have soften a little and realize the role of a homemaker is one of many choices available to women. After all, the prize that feminists – since the days of Senecca Falls – fought for is choice. This means the freedom to chose their role in their lives, whether it be lawyer, doctor, politician, feminazi, rock and roller, pole dancer, police officer, or housewife, mother, or homemaker. Not all women want, need, or enjoy being a powerbroker with a corner office. To demand that that one occupation is superior to another (and that we should all vie for that position) is to fall into the very trap of railroading everyone into your singular vision of an ideal world. Isn’t this the very crime feminists have long accused male-run patriarchal society of committing?

We at Stepfordwives Organization believe single women should pursue their dreams and do what pleases them. However, once they enter into marriage, there’s many different roles husbands and wives could fill. None is more right than the other, and none is better or worse. These are our outlines for what we feel is an ideal husband and a good wife, according to the blue ribbon quality we at Stepford Wives Organization cherish. As you can see, everyone’s plate is full, so you better love what you do!

In order of importance, from least important trait (10) to most important (1)

The Ideal Husband

10. Escorts his wife in public.
9. Stays healthy physically and in outlook
8. Inspires hope and trust through honesty and fidelity.
7. Sets a moral example for the wife and children to respect and follow
6. Determines what his wife should do and when
5. Educates his wife and his family
4. Makes decisions regarding his wife
3. Protects his wife and his family
2. Leads his wife and his family
1. Provides for his wife and his family

The Good Wife:

11. Inspires love and understanding by yielding
10. Stays in shape and maintains a physique that pleases her husband
9. Dresses and behaves in a conservative, prim, respectable manner in public to gain respect for her husband. Dresses and behaves whichever way her husband pleases in private.
8. Is loyal to her husband, siding with him and agreeing with his views.
7. Maintains and cleans the home, picking up after the children and her husband if necessary.
6. Provides a warm, inviting haven for her husband to come home to
5. Cooks daily meals and snacks according to her husband’s wishes
4. Obeys her husband’s wishes
3. Ignites husband’s sexual drive and fulfills his appetite on demand.
2. Cherishes her role as her husband’s wife, committed and devoted to her place beside him.
1. Cherishes her husband, committed and devoted to him, making him feel loved, needed, admired, and special in her life.

How To Be A Successful Wife (update: December 3, 2009)

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

A drunkard husband spending the evening with his jovial companions at a tavern boasted that if he should take a group of his friends home with him at midnight and ask his Christian wife to get up and cook supper for them, she would do it without complaint. The crowd considered it a vain boast and dared him to try it by a considerable wager. So the drunken crowd went home with him and he made the unreasonable demands of his wife. She obeyed, dressed, came down, and prepared a very nice supper just as quickly as possible and served it as cheerfully as if she had been expecting them.

(the above is an excerpt from Pastor Walt D Hyuck Jr.’s wonderful sermon How To Be A Successful Wife, which can be read or heard, in its entirety, at his website (click here): This Christian Journey)

I look around and compare versions of biblical passages ( i.e. Titus 2:4 for example) as a harmless pastime. I try to find passages pertaining to marriage and wives. I can’t say I’m a devout Christian, though my father was raised Catholic, and my mother thought at a convent from the day I was born until I was 10. We eventually changed over to Protestant. I guess that’s where my comparative itch came from.

Though / Stepford Wives Organization is non-religious and certainly non-denominational, I thought all our readers would enjoy this wonderful sermon. If you have the time, click on the audio portion, as a voice always adds a livelier tone to the text. Even if you are an atheist, you will find plenty sensible advice in this gem.

Take the “Are You A Stepford Wife Test” and see what kind of wife you are

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Here is a test we have created that we hope you will have fun taking.

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