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“We Don’t Vote Unless We Are Told To” – The Stepford Wives Organization

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

At the Stepford Wives Organization ( || || ) we do not vote unless we are told by our husbands to do so. And it’s always because he wants an extra vote for his candidate.

We believe we are not informed or educated enough to make a decision about politics, so we let the man of the house handle the important matters concerning our country. Besides we are so wrapped up in dinner preparations that we seldom have time to look over the credentials of candidates.

Here are more reasons why we don’t vote. Click on each picture to view in original dimensions.

Stepford Wives for Callista!

Friday, March 30th, 2012

stepford wives for gingrich

We here at the organization love Republican wives of campaigning candidates. They are always so well-behaved, well turned-out and supporting of their husbands. There’s always a certain reverence Republican wives look up to their husbands that is wholly missing from the way Democratic women fight alongside theirs.

We adored Cindy McCain in the ’08 elections, even though comments made about her were an unfortunate demonstration of how vicious liberal trolling online could get. Needless to say, we grab every chance we can to watch the campaigns these past few months. Maureen Dowd writes a great article in that liberal old gray lady The New York Times about our Callista: NY Times Article: The Great Man’s Wife

Dowd’s article is a point by point blueprint of how we at the Stepford Wives Organization feel wives should behave towards their husbands.

stepford wives for gingrich

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