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The Dateable Rules and ways to make yourself that “dateable” girl.

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Author Justin Lookadoo has been getting heat from the social media mob for putting his faith-based advice to boys and girls out there. We agree with most of what he has to say, but find that a good part of the advice to the girls are basically rehashed wisdom from Helen B. Andelin’s femininity bible Fascinating Womanood. For boys and men, if you want to read a definitive tome on regaining traditional manhood, our husbands suggests Helen’s husband Aubrey Andelin’s book Man of Steel.

Still Justin is a man, and whenever a man speaks, we immediately drop everything and give him our full attention, eager to agree with him and support him!

Among the ten dateable girl rules – rules that Justin believes will endear a girl to a boy, we find #1, 9 and 10 closest to Helen’s and the Stepford Wives Organization’s creed:

1. Accept your girly-ness. You’re a girl. Be proud of all that means. You are soft, you are gentle, you are a woman. Don’t try to be a guy. Guys like you because you are different from them. So let your girly-ness soar.

9. Let him lead. God made guys as leaders. Dateable girls get that and let him do guy things, get a door, open a ketchup bottle. They relax and let guys be guys. Which means they don’t ask him out!!!

10. Need him. Dateable girls know that guys need to be needed. A Dateable girl isn’t Miss Independent. She knows we are made for community. Needing each other is part of faith. She allows him to be needed at times, knowing he was called to serve just as much as she was.

from Justin’s website: R. U. Dateable

As long as there are traditionalists out there spreading the good word, there will always be detractors trying to bring them down. We are certainly no stranger to this, given the amount of disagreeable emails we receive each week. Happily we also have many supporters. So please be patient with us, as we answer all your emails one by one, while we try to update our website on a regular basis.

Don’t worry. We’re still here!

We’re still here! Welcome back!

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

loving wife pleasing husband and family in the stepford life

First things first: A Happy Thanksgiving to all the families and readers out there! We all hope you are having a fantastic holiday, spending quality time with your loved ones. We girls see it as a time to spoil our husbands extra deluxe in front of his and our families.

This is just a note to inform all our gentle readers that we have not gone away. We have been mum for a while, but we have also been busy reading up on many interesting topics in between cleaning, cooking, sewing, and taking care of the men around the house (extra guys visiting for the holidays).

For the girls, we stumbled upon this curious website that’s an introductory course to the FLDS way of life. (Every time we mentioned the FLDS, we make sure our readers know we are in no way affiliated with that religious group. We do not condone most (if not ALL) of the behavior of their imprisoned leader. But we do love our authoress Helen B. Andelin (who wrote Fascinating Womanhood), and was herself an LDS Mormon. This page, entitled “Role of Women” from FLDS 101 mentions Andelin’s book to our great delight.

For men – who often write to thank us for setting up our website and blog online – we found an acronym we are not familiar with MGTOW. If you never heard of it, check out this website: Men For Justice

Jessop’s Escape and Fascinating Womanhood

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Fascinating Womanhood, nusses, FLDS, mormonsHarry Dean Stanton and wives in Big Love, a Hollywood fairy tale on the realities of polygamy

Carolyn Jessop’s book Escape (ISBN-13: 978-0767927574) which details her escape from polygamy and Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), mentions what we women here consider our Stepford Bible: Helen B. Andelin’s Fascinating Womanhood. Although Jessop’s account is bizarre, to say the least, one should note that Helen B. Andelin herself was a regular non-polygamous Mormon. (not to be confused with the FLDS).

In Escape, Jessop mentions a clique in her high school known as “The Nusses.” These are girls who believed in living the gospel according to Fascinating Womanhood. Jessop makes short work of these “artificially” feminine, submissive, and stupid girls, much the same way as most people make fun of Stepford Wives.

Although we don’t support polygamy and none of us at the organization are Mormons; to us, the Nusses are heroines in preserving the tradition we practice every day. They walked on tiptoes, spoke in soft girly voices, laughed in a subdued way and practiced perfect penmanship. They were also A students and teachers’ pets. Since many of the teachers were men – including Warren Jeffs substituting in on some classes – this means they were perfectly obedient to male authority. That gets an round of delighted applause from us!

And in all fairness, we disagree with Jessop’s assessment that Fascinating Womanhood is about manipulating men and husbands. We feel it isn’t. It’s about making a marriage work by accentuating masculine and feminine qualities, and restoring scriptural values to a union.

Here are a few of our favorite lines from Escape:

A woman’s only avenue to God is through her husband. We were raised to believe we could not receive direct revelations from God on our own. Whatever God had to communicate or reveal to a woman can only be transmitted through her husband.

Every woman in a plural marriage knows that her only power in life will come from her relationship to her husband….Pleasing him was a skill I was determined to master, no matter what it cost me at a personal level…..Sublimating my needs to his felt natural to me at twenty two. I knew this was how generations of women had live in my family.

This philosophy of “perfect obedience” produces perfect faith began sweeping through the community. We were told that every problem a woman faces was because she wasn’t being perfectly obedient to her husband. A wife’s goal was to be able to meet his every need without ever being asked. If she asked questions when her husband gave her an order, it was only because she still had contamination in her heart.

You can purchase the book at Amazon by clicking on this line.