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Intelligence and the Stepford Wives

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Intelligence is overrated these days. The media hails intelligent women as the liberated modern woman, but what they really are, are castrated men.

So it is with strong-willed opinionated women. Nothing says “not feminine” like a hard-nosed gal bulldozing down a man’s ideas, barking dismissive remarks, finished off with a cynical, derisive sneer. Basically, a complete reiteration of the exact male chauvinism feminists themselves decried in the 70s.

At the Stepford Wives Organization, we prefer a gentler, more feminine approach. We give way to our men, accepting their role as the leader of our marriage and family. Therefore, they should be the ones making the decisions. Besides male intelligence is high and above ours. It’s a Stepford fact.

Stepford women here at the organization are defined by our sunny disposition to follow our men’s orders. Even though Liz has a master’s in business administration and Matthew’s in the constructing business, he often calls her “clueless.” We’ve heard Edwin call Miss Thomas an “airhead” in front of everyone and she just laughs it off. Charles never misses an opportunity to inform me “not to worry my pretty little head” over important stuff.

The definition of woman is her ability to follow male instruction. Once she gives that up, she gives up her the mystery of her beautiful, compliant feminine nature.