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Miss America: The Importance of Modesty (update: May 12, 2010)

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Miss America 2010 in Lingerie

2010 Miss America hopeful Adrielle Churchill

Cringe ladies! Cringe!

Gone are the days of modest dressing, where men”s creativity was called upon to conjure up the sumptuous dreams of all that lies beneath.

Today, nothing is left to the imagination, as Miss America candidates bare all in recent lingerie shots. Is it further irony, perhaps a jeer towards tradition that they are presented in black and white photos? It”s not that we at the Stepfordwives Organization frown upon dressing suggestively. We do. Just in the privacy of our homes and for our husbands only. Why certainly not for the leers of the general public!

Witness, by comparison, 1957”s Miss America Marian McKnight. So delightful, charming, and demure. We should all be modest in public, because those were the days when ladies were ladies, and men were men!

Miss America 1957 Marian McKnight

2010 Miss America 1957 Marian McKnight