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“Let’s Work It Out.”

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

For those of you who don’t have time to comb over social media, tumblr and pinterest sites (we don’t even know what half of those places are)…here is a favorite that the girls have been passing around.

Remember, nothing is that insurmountable that you can’t talk it over and work it out. As we girls in the kitchen say, “don’t let the stew go unattended!” Remember, don’t attack the problem head on and come on strong. No guy likes that. Be smooth. Be a gentlelady.

1. Suggest a neutral space. Go out and get a cup of coffee or a meal together.

2. Ease into it. Think of a memory or a happy time. Even something funny. Don’t stick to a formula, weave it in.

3. Bring it in gently for a soft landing. Touch your husband, and be honest. Say the most elegant and simplest four words:

   “Let’s work it out.”

4. Always end strong Talk about some of your concerns, but always end on a positive note. End with a reminder of why things do work for the two of you as a team. And that it’s worth it to give it another go.

YOU CAN DO IT! We know you can!

Frequently Asked Question #9 You Expect Me To Do WHAT? Are You Out of Your Effin Mind? Is This Site A Joke?

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

For the most part, we practice what we preach. We take the role of the traditional wife very seriously. We can’t say we succeed 100% of the time. Sometimes the will slips a little or tempers may get tested. It’s only human. Remember that we come from a broad range of backgrounds and this site is simply a place for us to share our notes on our notion of the perfect housewife with you. Think in terms of Haute Couture (high fashion in French). You know, all those models you see parading next season’s in look on the runway.

Most of us understand that only a handful of wives married to Arabic oil sheikhs are going to be able to shelf out 6 thousands dollars for a dress (all the time while denouncing the West as “shaitan” of course). For the rest of us, we wait until that design trickles down to Prèt-à-porté (Ready To Wear in French) at the department store where we can easily purchase and alter according to our body types. So it is with our Stepford Wives Organization website: we share our outlines with you, the sewing pattern to assemble the perfect housewife. You may not be able to make the perfect cut, but you’ll have the destination points marked out.

Feminism and the Woman’s Rights Movement have inadvertently made our jobs much easier. (Thanks sisters!) The liberated woman today has become so coarse, brusque, insulting, and unyielding to her guys, we’ve noticed that even the slightest trace of feminine acquiescence to our men, the slightest hint of “giving way” and yielding to men, whether it be decision-making, an absence of sarcasm, a cheery concession to whip up a nice little warm meal, any tiny way to say “thank you. I appreciate you.” – evokes a surprising level of gratitude in our stronger half. Feminism and today’s women may have trained men to expect so little from us, but it’s also soften many men into hollow semblances of what we once knew them to be. For those women who complain that men aren’t what they used to be, they only have to look in the mirror to discover the cause. We find that if we hold up our part in the traditional role – in whatever amount we can manage – it slowly awakens in our men to ascend back to the role they once took charge of so well.

The rest of our FAQ can be found here: Frequently Asked Questions of The Stepford Wives Organization