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The Oppressed Majority by Eleonore Pourriat

Friday, March 28th, 2014

language and nudity warning for video clip

French actress / filmmaker Eleonore Pourriat makes a misandric 9 minute satire about what the world looks like when gender roles are reversed. No discussion about traditional male / female roles can be addressed without discussing gender studies – a subject in universities once called Women Studies.

Even though Pourriat calls this play of inversion humor and derision, the unfortunate truth is that the modern women and young girls and increasingly moving in the direction of traditional masculine behavior. Of course, the world isn’t going to come to an end if they reach their goals and begin acting and behaving increasingly like brusque, callous men (as if ALL men behaved that way!), but it would take away from the fascination of womanhood and femininity.

So the Stepford Wives Organization sees this video not as much as a social critique, but more a celebration of male behavior. When women behave this way, it’s grotesque and a distortion of nature, that’s why it has always belonged to the realm of manhood. A little sexism – or in our case, a lot of sexism – is good for a Stepford woman’s soul and well-being. Sexism isn’t as bad as feminists make it out to be; it’s an essential, complimentary half to fascinating womanhood. So men should continue doing these things, and we should continue doing what we do best: being women! Because the alternative, would be a world filled with angry, hateful, foul-mouthed wo-men.

Girls and Women Are Not What They Use To Be

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

It’s sad but true, girls and women are not what they use to be. If we want men to treat us with the respect and adoration we once had, we have to earn it.

Filomena Tobias flips Joakim Noah off.

No matter who or where you are from, even if you are a devout feminist who disagrees with the philosophy of the Stepford Wives Organization, we can all agree that this is NOT the way for gentlewomen to behave. Empathy, compassion, and kindness is what ALL men and women should aspire to. This, is NOT what the suffragists in the Senecca Falls Convention of 1848 fought for. Women cursing like truck drivers is not equality, it’s frighteningly coarse.

Stepford Ladies and Stepford Wives, if we want to reclaim fascinating womanhood, we have to act the part! This, is not the answer: