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Our Favorite Quotes

Friday, January 14th, 2011

woman must serve man

Quotes are difficult entities. Often taken out of context, they can be easily misconstrued as miniatures of extreme rhetoric. We looked over several books on quotations involving women and wives. Some quotations- while ridiculously misogynistic – have no reference to women at all. They could be in reference to men. (And if that were the case, why is it no longer an issue?) We have heard women’s groups complain about The Smiths’ “Bigmouth Strikes Again” as woman-hating. But the song is written by Morrissey, who retains ambiguity in his sexual preference. There’s no indication in the lyrics, furthermore, that he is referring to a woman. It could have been a male partner.

Still we at the organization love quotations for the very reason they are simple reductions that we can memorize and repeat to each other when we get together to exchange recipes and cleaning tips.

We also like to be fair. When we read some passages from one Islamic advice book that raised our eyebrows, Carolyn, my sister, went to great lengths to obtain the actual book. In this instance, Muhammad Imran’s Ideal Woman in Islam. We are not familiar with the religion, but in all fairness, the book, taken in its entirety, exhorts men to respect women, their wives, and cherish them. We think that’s a darling sentiment! Therefore, to take one or two sentences out of a 150 page book is a wee bit skewed. I’m sure people do that to our website / all the time.

You can’t control the internet, so here are our favorite quotes that we love to recite when the men are not around. Click on the link below to go to our page on our website, /


Our Favorite Quotes