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A Stepford Wife Is Not Complete Without Her Smile….

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Proverbs 31 in the good book may outline many of the qualities to be a strong, good, hard-working wife. Many of our readers who are terrific individuals who work hard at their marriage and relationship on top of their daily routine know this. However, what sets a Stepford Wife apart is that you should do all this – on top of your daily work – with a big, bright smile.

A Stepford Wife may work hard – at cooking, cleaning, taking care of and pleasing the man in our lives, but it means nothing unless we do it with a smile, especially a smile for him.

A Stepford Wife Needs A Man and Her Smile To Bring Her To Life at

A Stepford Wife Needs A Man and Her Smile to bring her to life at

We look at it this way: smiling is the cherry on top of dressing nice, being neat and clean, courteous and polite, and staying in shape.

A Stepford Wife Needs Her Smile at

A Stepford Wife Needs Her Smile at

Constant dieting and exercise are great. Never complaining and sugar-coating everything as if your station in life is the greatest thing is wonderful, but smiling is the crown that should sit on all that hard work. Smiling means we are happy to be compliant and submissive to our man’s needs and his happiness.

A Stepford Wife Needs Her Smile at

A Stepford Wife Needs Her Smile at

The art of the Stepford Wife is to make it all seem effortless. Let the day glide by as if you haven’t lifted a finger…and look forward to the night when we do our real work.

With a smile to show how glad we are to be with him!

A Stepford Wife Should Serve and Please Her Man With A Smile at

A Stepford Wife Should Serve and Please Her Man With A Smile at

photos are by Momchil Hristov for Maximum Magazine

Dutch Wife v.2012

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Oh my, times sure have changed. Edwina was looking for patterns to some bolsters for her outdoor garden sofa. She asked us to help her look for designs she might consider. We entered the phrase “dutch wife” (an alternate name for a bolster) and to our surprise we didn’t exactly find photos of bolster pillows.

It makes sense that dutch wives were traditionally made for traveling husbands to keep them from loneliness. If anything, dutch wives made out of bamboo were the predecessors to Stepford Wives. They don’t complain, they are always available, and they never say no. Modern sex advice and Cosmo will tell the liberated woman to take charge, be active in bed, and get what she wants out of sex. We couldn’t agree less. We prefer the compliant position, sometimes lying motionless like dolls and marionettes, while our husbands have us their way. I know it sounds odd at first, but try it sometime. You can slowly add verbal cues and little movements upon his request. The only way to satisfy a man is to do what he wants.

What began as hyper realistic sex dolls in the form of RealDolls has become a cottage industry around the world, where men get to order their non-vocal, always complaint wives around for six to seven thousand dollars. While we feel kinship to these dolls in that we spoil our men without protest, and always give ourselves to them on demand, these dolls still can’t fulfill the apex of a woman’s true calling in life: to cook, clean, bear children, and unconditionally praise and revere their men.

We can.