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Career Moms and articles that accommodate them

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

career moms

When we read the papers and surf the internet, it’s quite common to come across an article like this one Are Moms with Careers More Depressed Than Stay-at-Homes? – every day or so – that supports and reassures working moms that it’s okay to not have it all. Funded research studies and correlative reports also focuses more on the career woman. “It’s okay to not have it all and be able to do everything at home.” However, we seldom see articles that laud that stay-at-home mother.

It would be nice to see articles on lifestyle websites that say “It’s okay to not to rule the world and micromanage men and women in the business world!” That’s probably not going to happen soon. If you look at the authors of these articles, most of the time, they are women who are out in the business world making a living. So of course, they are going to sympathize with muscling one’s way through the corporate world while their children sit among strangers in a childcare center, only to come home to cold tv dinners.

That’s one of the reasons we decided to put the Stepford Wives Organization on the map. Just a place on the world wide web that doesn’t talk about superficial qualities like fashion and fetish aspects of a Stepford Wife. (We are aware there are many blogs are internet sites that append the Stepford Wife name for assimilation reasons). It’s at least a place we can show support for the Stay-At-Home Wife and the Stay-At-Home Mom.

Book Review: Feminine By Design by Scott T. Brown

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

We sometimes get asked whether our website is a joke. It isn’t. That reply is usually met with an declaration. “Well nobody in their right mind would have the same values as you gals!” Finally, we have come across a book that expounds on many of the “good things” we teach.

Please remember we never tell our men how to behave. We are merely share information with other wives, and try to mentor other less experienced women in our Stepford ways. Scott T. Brown, an elder at Hope Baptist Church in North Carolina has penned a short 85 page booklet that expands on the 12 pillars (“teachings”) of Biblical vision of Womanhood.

What are the 12 pillars? They include a call to celebrate the beauty and joys of woman as the image bearer of gentle and quiet spirits, kind meek hearts that follow the lead of the husband as ordained by the scripture. Women nurture their inner radiance and beauty as a quality that will age well with time. Whether our daughters are naturally gifted or they have acquired a natural passion towards being corporate executives, lawyers, politicians or professionals, they should be taught to renounce all these callings, and instead, answer only to their biblical fulfillment: stay at home, be a submissive and trustful helpmeet to her husband, and multiply greatly. Be a fruitful bearer of the godly seed. What we love about this book is that it speaks in the plain language that we can understand: “make lots of babies” to fill up the churches.

Pillar 2, warns against blurring androgyny lines. Something we closely adhere to when we steer clear of the “women” online who approach us about our organization.

Other pillars include the importance of being a domestic entrepreneur, a teacher of the next generation, a keeper of the home, and a member of the church. The book closes with a short word to fathers on the misleading term “liberation,” and a closing epilogue from the author’s wife.

The writing is short and clear. Unlike Christian books that quote the bible within the page, this book gives you the chapter-verse numbers that you can look up in your own bible. Besides, all us Stepford ladies have already committed these lines to memory. We know them by our hearts! While it is written primarily for daughters and young teen girls, we like the fact that the book is easy to read and comprehend. (I always leave the difficult reading to my sister Carolyn.) Besides, who has the time to read a tome?

We’re just glad we have some back up and support from Mr. Brown’s excellent book. Click on the following link to bring you to The National Center for Family-Integrated Church’s bookstore.