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Stepford Teen is Not Just About Clothing and Good Looks

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

We started young. Being Stepford isn’t something you acquire overnight, and it certainly isn’t as simple as buying brand labels or identifiable clothing that will magically admit you into our “club.”

Carolyn is the avid reader in our group, and since her early teens she has been pouring over magazines, out-of-print books, advice manuals, feminist manifestos (know your opposition!), women’s and gender studies, religious tracts, the good book and relevant biblical literature, Koran, Torah, etc. She even has a ten volume collection compiled by Rulon Jeffs of the Fundamental Church of the Latter Day Saints. Cici talks with people IRL (in real life) while I (Irene) have been studying the internet in between a hectic schedule cooking for, cleaning for and general maintenance of my husband’s happiness.

We have been lagging behind our internet updates, that is true, but first things first!

Here is an article in UK’s Daily Mail Rise of the Stepford Teen: Experts warn pressure to conform will lead to a generation of clones obsessed with looks about the trend of today’s teens to conform to a uniformed look, which includes a certain way of dressing, and a certain way of making oneself up. As we have mentioned: being Stepford is not as simple as merely keeping up appearances. We put our husbands at the crown of our household. We started young by listening to and obeying our daddies. The transition from father to husband is smooth as the next man in our lives take charge and we put listening to him, obeying him, and pleasuring him our main goals in life. For the more religious among us, there is additional guidance from a male religious figure.

Yes it’s true, we need to wake up earlier to dress properly and always put our makeup on before he wakes up, but that’s just a mere ribbon in the overall Stepford package.