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How To Please A Modern Woman In Bed vs. How To Please A Man In Bed

Monday, December 13th, 2010

There are so many female psychologists, organizations, and female writers who seem to come up with a new study every other week. The titles are along the lines of “If it hurts, there’s something wrong”, “Women want more in the bedroom,” “Sex: Should women be more like men?”

We at the organization all are in agreement that this sort of increasingly high-maintenance “ME” attitude among Western women is succeeding in driving our men in droves towards mail-order brides and foreign, developing-country women. That’s not acceptable, as Western Civilization and our self-absorbed, narcissistic women are quickly losing grounds to overseas girls who are experts at manipulation. We believe that our product is good, and that we are the country that created the loving, faithful, godly wife in a civilized culture. It’s a shame after all that work and years of tradition, an erosion of the family beliefs, Christian commitment and sacrifice towards the interest of selfish egotistical obsession with personal happiness will erase our customs.

Wasn’t it George Bernard Shaw who once said “Those who can have good sex do, those who can’t, get together to intellectualize, theorize, and form a movement?” We believe fetching slippers and paper, cooking delicious meals, raising a family, looking after our men and being genuinely obedient (as opposed to the complex, ulterior motives of mail-order brides from third world countries ) to them is truly the path to great sex. Sometimes you can’t think too much or write a dissertation about an activity that is based on animalistic passion, pure chemistry, and physical aggression.

If you are sitting around whining about what good sex is, we are going to guess you are doing something wrong and there’s an absence of action in your bedroom.