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A Stepford Wife Votes Who Her Husband Tells Her To Vote For

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Midterm Elections are here! And though we are sure rooting for our husbands’ party. We girls admire what women suffragists did for pushing for a woman’s right to vote. However we feel that we are mostly not smart enough to take the entire political picture into consideration. The world of men and the business of running a country is really too confusing for us.

Happily, for those of us who use the polling station as a way to socialize and say hi to the other girls, we have our husbands to tell us how and who to vote for. We listen to our men and trust they know the right candidate to pick. A very few of the more inquisitive wives sometimes ask their husbands how they come to their choices. Almost all the time, the more liberal and open-minded men would just chuckle and say “how cute it is you’re trying to appear smart! Just put your practice ballots over ours, and trace our picks.”

The rest of the husbands just tell us to stay at home. They say those flashing lights and buttons are too complicated for us to work.

And that’s fine by us!